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Phantom-Jasmine is a simple set of two scripts for running your Jasmine Tests via Phantom.js (http://www.phantomjs.org/). The first script lib/console-runner.js is a plugin to Jasmine that outputs test results (with ansi color codes) via console.log (included with a script tag inside TestRunner.html). The second script lib/run_jasmine_test.coffee takes an html file as it's first and only argument and then executes any Jasmine tests that file loads. See below for more detail.


Assuming you have PhantomJs setup and installed...

sudo npm install phantom-jasmine -g

Running Tests

phantom-jasmine examples/TestRunner.html

On some running OS X you might have to pass in the full url, ex:

phantom-jasmine file://localhost/Users/bob/phantom-jasmine/examples/TestRunner.html 

If everything works you should see output like this in your terminal:

Util : should fail for the example
Error: Expected false to be truthy.

3 specs, 1 failure in 0.024s.

To run your own tests with Phantom-Jasmine just look at TestRunner.html and modify/copy the script tags accordingly.