A spreadsheet-like GUI for libvips.
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nip2 - a user interface for the VIPS image processing library

nip2 is a GUI for the VIPS image processing library. It's a little like a spreadsheet: you create a set of formula connecting your objects together, and on a change nip2 recalculates.

Building nip2 from source

In the nip2 directory you should just be able to do:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

By default this will install files to /usr/local.

See the Dependencies section below for a list of the things that nip2 needs in order to be able to build.

We have detailed guides on the wiki for building on Windows and building on OS X.

If you downloaded from GIT you'll need:

$ ./autogen.sh

first to build the configure system.


nip2 needs vips, gtk2 and libxml2 at runtime and flex/bison at compile time.

If you have fftw3, gsl, goffice, libgvc you get extra optional, but useful, features.


production build with

./configure --prefix=/home/john/vips 

debug build with

CFLAGS="-g -Wall" ./configure --prefix=/home/john/vips 

(--enable-debug turns on and off automatically with development / production minor version numbers)

leak check

export G_DEBUG=gc-friendly 
export G_SLICE=always-malloc 
valgrind --suppressions=/home/john/nip2.supp \
  --leak-check=yes \
  nip2 ... > nip2-vg.log 2>&1

memory access check

valgrind --suppressions=/home/john/nip2.supp \
  --leak-check=no --db-attach=yes \
  nip2 ... > nip2-vg.log 2>&1

or put "--suppressions=/home/john/nip2.supp" into ~/.valgrindrc


valgrind --tool=callgrind \
  --suppressions=/home/john/nip2.supp \
  nip2 ... > nip2-vg.log 2>&1

Disclaimer: No guarantees of performance accompany this software, nor is any responsibility assumed on the part of the authors. Please read the licence agreement.