A spreadsheet-like GUI for libvips.
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nip2 - a user interface for the VIPS image processing library

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nip2 is a GUI for the VIPS image processing library. It's a little like a spreadsheet: you create a set of formula connecting your objects together, and on a change nip2 recalculates.

You can probably install nip2 via your package manager. For Windows and OS X, you can download a binary from the nip2 releases area. Only read on if you want to compile yourself from source.


nip2 comes with a 50-page manual --- press F1 or Help / Contents in the program to view it.

Building nip2 from source

In the nip2 directory you should just be able to do:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

By default this will install files to /usr/local.

See the Dependencies section below for a list of the things that nip2 needs in order to be able to build.

If you downloaded from GIT you'll need:

$ ./autogen.sh

first to build the configure system.


nip2 needs vips, gtk2 and libxml2 at runtime and flex/bison at compile time.

If you have fftw3, gsl, goffice, libgvc you get extra optional, but useful, features.


production build with

./configure --prefix=/home/john/vips 

debug build with

CFLAGS="-g -Wall" ./configure --prefix=/home/john/vips 

(--enable-debug turns on and off automatically with development / production minor version numbers)

leak check

export G_DEBUG=gc-friendly 
export G_SLICE=always-malloc 
valgrind --suppressions=/home/john/nip2.supp \
  --leak-check=yes \
  nip2 ... > nip2-vg.log 2>&1

memory access check

valgrind --suppressions=/home/john/nip2.supp \
  --leak-check=no --db-attach=yes \
  nip2 ... > nip2-vg.log 2>&1

or put "--suppressions=/home/john/nip2.supp" into ~/.valgrindrc


valgrind --tool=callgrind \
  --suppressions=/home/john/nip2.supp \
  nip2 ... > nip2-vg.log 2>&1

Disclaimer: No guarantees of performance accompany this software, nor is any responsibility assumed on the part of the authors. Please read the licence agreement.


Rebuild snap with:

snapcraft cleanbuild 

Though it's done automatically on a push.