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Added semicolons so the linter won't scream anymore #20

wants to merge 2 commits into from

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I suspect, omitting semicolons was by choice, but i have to try, considering i intent on pushing more code and my live linter went bananas =)

ghost commented Aug 26, 2012

Tell your linter he's too old for this shit

@thanpolas thanpolas closed this Aug 26, 2012

what would life be without trolls

medikoo commented Aug 27, 2012

@thanpolas When committing to open source we should rather obey code style conventions chosen by authors and not force ours.
I personally also use semicolons, but it was already proven that we can quite safely live without them, and it's nice to respect others choices on that :)


@medikoo there was no style guide on the docs and i didn't realize it was a style. As soon as i did, i removed the commit.

Take it easy everyone, we are all on the same side

ghost commented Aug 27, 2012

it feels like a bad joke, but if we all on the same side the boat will soon flip over

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