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Algorithms by Jeff Erickson

1st paperback edition — June 13, 2019 — Now available from Amazon

This is a bug-reporting site for my Algorithms textbook and other related course materials. Thanks for visiting!

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs in the 0th and ½th editions!

To report an error, please post an issue.

  • Before submitting, please check that your error hasn't already been fixed in the most recent revision.
  • For an error in the book, please include the chapter, section, and page numbers.
  • For an error in the non-book lecture notes, please include the title and the complete URL of the note in question. (There are lots of old revisions floating around the web, with inconsistent titling and numbering, so just the title or the file name may not be enough.)
  • For an error in this semester's homework, labs, exams, or solutions, please post on the course's Piazza site for extra credit, not here.
  • For an error in a past semester's homework, labs, exams, or solutions, please post here, but again with the complete URL of the work in question.

Please also feel free to submit feature requests and other feedback.

While you're here, please feel free to download a complete copy of the most recent revision of the entire book or any of the individual chapters. (The individual chapters are extracted from the book pdf file to keep page numbers consistent; unfortunately, hyperlinks don’t work.)

A black and white electronic version of the entire manuscript is also available, which should more closely reflect the appearance of the printed volume. I won’t update that quite as often.

Publication History

The most up-to-date version of the book and individual chapters is in the top-level directory. Archival snapshots of official releases (“editions” or “printings”) are in corresponding subdirectories. See the Errata for a list of updates since the most recent official release.

  • 0th edition (prepublication draft) — December 29, 2018
  • ½th edition (prepublication draft) — April 9, 2019
  • 1st paperback edition — June 13, 2019 — Amazon links: US, UK, DE, ES, FR, IT, JP

Additional Materials

The book contains only a small subset of my course materials; you can find hundreds more pages of lecture notes, lab handouts, and past homeworks and exams at, or at the mnemonic shortcut You can see the material in context at the web sites for my most recent offerings of CS 374 and CS 473 at Illinois.

At some future date, I am likely to incorporate more (but definitely not all) of these lecture notes into a future edition. (I haven't decided whether I'm going to call it a "director's cut" or an "extended dance remix".) One step at a time.


Copyright 2019 Jeff Erickson

Everything on this site is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. For license details, see


Bug-tracking for Jeff's algorithms book, notes, etc.







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