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My personal Vagrant-based PHP development environment.


Install Virtualbox and Vagrant:

More information about the Vagrant installation process:


We are using librarian-chef to download several community Chef cookbooks. Install the gem and download the cookbooks:

gem install librarian-chef
librarian-chef install


There are two main configuration files; the Vagrantfile which is read by Vagrant, and Vagrant.json which contains the Chef provisioning configuration:


The most important configuration parameters can be found at the top of the file:

ip_address  = ""
memory      = "512"
directory   = "/Users/USERNAME/Sites"

Make sure that you change the directory to the folder that contains all your projects on your machine.


Rename the Vagrant.json.example file to Vagrant.json. Vagrant.json is the main configuration file used by Chef. It should be fairly straightforward to edit the file for your personal setup. Make sure you modify the apps and databases section for your vhost and database configuration. At the top are the Chef recipes that are executed.

Starting the box

Go to the Vagrant box directory and run:

vagrant up