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The Rook's Guide to C++

Here are some basic expectations for getting the .tex files in publication shape:

  • Each topic has its own .tex file - for right now they're all organized as digestible mini-chapters, though I expect them to merge and evolve later on.

  • The cpp.tex file is the core of the project, and the place where all the chapters are inserted via \input{}

  • Chapter \sections should be designated with \LevelD{My section} and \subsections with \LevelE{My subsection}

  • Bits of code and symbols within a sentence should be placed within a \Code{…}. So should program output, which should appear on its own line.

  • Code listings that stand on their own (and pseudocode) should be put in

      /* Code */
  • Important terms should be placed within \Keyword{...}. This indexes them automatically.

  • Each chapter should have the following sections, in this order:

    • \LevelD{Review Questions}

    • \LevelD{Review Answers}

    • \LevelD{Further Reading}

  • Write each sentence on a separate line. This helps with managing versions. It's harder to look at but easier to maintain.

  • Wrap URLs in \url{...}

  • Fork your own branch, and we'll pull your changes gradually into the master branch

  • Thanks for your help! Feel free to contact me at, skype:jah_vt, or if it's more appropriate to add it as a GitHub issue, feel free to put it there.