Django backend for MySQL Connector/Python, a pure-Python MySQL library
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Experimental Django backend using MySQL Connector/Python

This has been updated (slightly) to work with Django 1.2's new database backend

It has been tested (even more slightly) on a single read-only database with
trivial SELECT queries only. It Works For Me(tm).


!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!! EXPECT THING TO NOT WORK OR GO WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!! DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION etc.. etc... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, and make backups! :-)


* Python 2.3 or greater.
* Django 1.2:
* MySQL Connector/Python (currently in development)
  shell> bzr checkout lp:~mysql/myconnpy/main myconnpy
  shell> cd myconnpy
  shell> python install


To install the Django backend, do the following:
  shell> python ./ install
It will install it in site-packages/myconnpy_django_backend


To configure your Django project to use the backend, set the engine in
your like this:

    'default': {
        'ENGINE': 'myconnpy_django_backend',
# ...

The above assumes you installed the myconnpy_django_backend module somewhere
where Python can find it (see Installation).

Some caveats though:
* When you were using the DATABASE_OPTIONS and stored settings in an
  option file, that will not work anymore. Do it the normal Django way.
* You can't use UNIX Sockets (yet).

Report problems

*Maybe* report problems to Geert Vanderkelen <>,
although he seems to no longer be maintaining this code. You can try reporting
problems to Jeremy Thurgood <>, but I'm not actively
maintaining this at present, and only did a few basic copy/paste fixes
necessary to make it work for my (very simple) needs.