A gadget for OmniUpdate that checkin all the files in a site or all sites with one click.
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gadget-checkin v1.0.1 Build Status

This gadget displays the number of files currently checked out to the user in each site and gives the user the option to check them all back in.

two demos of what the checkin gadget looks like

Version v1.0.1

No longer in development, v1 is ready for prime time! It has been a little over two years since this gadget has been refreshed. The latest version includes fixes to prevent files being checked in that are under workflow, scheduled or set to expire. Also, it has gone back to being exclusively a dashboard gadget as the sidebar functionality was causing some issues on the dashboard.

For developers wanting to contribute or explore the code, it has been broken out into different "classes". Also, tests have been added for some of the functionality. The gadget is based on my Gadget-Starter code that I use for the majority of my OU Gadgets.


Clone the repo and host locally

Make sure npm, and Gulp are installed on your machine.

npm install


Upload the /build folder to your production server (ideally SSL) and install via OmniUpdate's Instructions

Install via GitHub pages

Make sure you always have the latest version and the quickest install by installing via GitHub.

Using OmniUpdate's Instructions, when asked for the URL please use: https://jessgusclark.github.io/gadget-checkin/build/


Yes! Fork and put in a pull request with information about what was changed and why. Please also include unit tests if functionality requires it.


Report issues in the issues tab. Please report any issues in the issues tab. Be as descriptive as possible including how to reproduce the error.

"Known" issue, sorta, not really...

Gadgets are not able to update other gadgets on the dashboard. When you click on "Check In" with the CheckIn Gadget it can't access the OU Campus's My Checked-Out Content gadget. So the files in OU's gadget will still look like they are checked out when they aren't. You can verify that they are checked in my refreshing just that widget. This is kinda a bug, but kinda isn't.

After clicking "Checkin All" with the CheckIn Gadget the My Checked-Out Content still shows checked out files:

demo of the My Checked-Out Content gadget and the CheckIn Gadget