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The ultimate text progress bar library for Ruby! It'll SMASH YOU OVER THE HEAD with a PURE RUSH of progress bar excitement!

Don't miss out on what all the kids are talking about! If you want everyone to know that your gem or app can survive in the cage then YOU WANT RUBY-PROGRESSBAR!

It's Better Than The Other 186,312 Progress Bar Libraries Because...



ruby-progressbar is maintained by The Kompanee, Ltd.

The names and logos for The Kompanee are trademarks of The Kompanee, Ltd.


Thanks to Natalie Weizenbaum for giving us contributor access to the initial repo. Thanks to Hiroyuki Iwatsuki for giving us access to the gem on to allow us to push our new versions.

And a special thanks to Satoru Takabayashi who was the original author of the progressbar gem and who inspired us to do this rewrite. As well as to Jose Peleteiro for access to the progressbar gem. :heartbeat:


ruby-progressbar 1.0 is Copyright © 2011-2018 The Kompanee. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file. ruby-progressbar 0.9.0 is Copyright © 2008 Satoru Takabayashi

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