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Pandoc wrappers and interfaces

Sebastian edited this page Jul 16, 2021 · 17 revisions

Several wrappers and interfaces exist to use pandoc in other programming languages or via a graphical user interface (GUI). A wrapper can be used to run the pandoc executable while an interface gives access to the abstract syntax tree (AST) of Pandoc documents, for instance to create pandoc filters. A writer is an interface that can only be used to create pandoc documents but not to modify them.

Language Type Name and link Maintainer
C wrapper libpandoc Shahbaz Youssefi
Electron GUI PandocElectron (Github) Engelbert Niehaus
Elixir interface Panpipe Marcel Otto
Groovy interface groovy-pandoc Dennis Frommknecht
Java wrapper Universal Document Converter Leonardo S. De Seta
JavaScript wrapper grunt-node-pandoc Eric R. Shinn
JavaScript interface pandoc-filter Mike Henderson
JavaScript wrapper node-pdc Paul Vorbach
JavaScript wrapper node-pandoc Eric R. Shinn
JavaScript wrapper simple-pandoc Hyunje Jun
JavaScript wrapper paja Huub de Beer
.NET interface PandocFilters (NuGet, GitHub) Zev Spitz
Pascal wrapper PasPandoc Huub de Beer
Perl interface Pandoc::Elements Jakob Voß
Perl wrapper Pandoc Jakob Voß
PHP interface pandocfilters-php Vinai Kopp
Python GUI PanConvert (GitHub, SourceForge) Andreas Paeffgen
Python interface panflute Sergio Correia
Python interface pandocfilters John MacFarlane
Python wrapper pypandoc Juho Vepsäläinen
Python wrapper Pyandoc Kenneth Reitz
R writer pander Gergely Daróczi
R wrapper rmarkdown (see here for the Pandoc wrapper functions in particular) Yihui Xie
Ruby interface Paru Huub de Beer
Ruby wrapper pandoc-ruby William Melody
Ruby wrapper Pandoku Hong Minhee
Scala wrapper scala-pandoc Paul Vorbach
Web interface Typademic (Github) Moritz Mähr