Pandoc wrappers and interfaces

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Several wrappers and interfaces exist to use pandoc in other programming languages or via a graphical user interface (GUI). A wrappers can be used to run the pandoc executable while an interface give access to the abstract syntax tree (AST) of Pandoc documents, for instance to create pandoc filters. A writer is an interface that can only be used to create pandoc documents but not to modify them.

Name and link Language Type Maintainer
pypandoc Python wrapper Juho Vepsäläinen
Pyandoc Python wrapper Kenneth Reitz
panflute Python interface Sergio Correia
pandocfilters Python interface John MacFarlane
pandoc-ruby Ruby wrapper William Melody
Pandoku Ruby wrapper Hong Minhee
Paru Ruby wrapper and interface Huub de Beer
libpandoc C wrapper Shahbaz Youssefi
pander R writer Gergely Daróczi
scala-pandoc Scala wrapper Paul Vorbach
node-pdc JavaScript wrapper Paul Vorbach
simple-pandoc JavaScript wrapper Hyunje Jun
paja JavaScript wrapper Huub de Beer
pandoc-filter JavaScript interface Mike Henderson
groovy-pandoc Groovy interface Dennis Frommknecht
Pandoc Perl wrapper Jakob Voß
Pandoc::Elements Perl interface Jakob Voß
Universal Document Converter Java wrapper Leonardo S. De Seta
pandocfilters-php PHP interface Vinai Kopp
Pandoctor Python GUI Stephen Margheim
PanConvert (GitHub, SourceForge) Python GUI Andreas Paeffgen