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Web Services to Process Files by Pandoc


  • panzer, adds the concept of 'styles' to pandoc. Styles control templates, metadata settings, pandoc command line options, and instructions to run filters and pre/postprocessors in a simple, reusable, and recombinable way.
  • kokoi, a configurable markup file watcher, previewer, and converter that uses Pandoc as the default markup processing engine. kokoi watches for changes on the markup files in the directory kokoi is started, and if they change, automatically reprocesses and previews them directly in the browser.
  • pdc is a command line wrapper for pandoc which makes it possible to completely control the conversion process from the first YAML meta block in the input document(s), including multiple output formats at the same time, templates, pre- and post-processors, etc.
  • Pandocomatic, allows you to configure flexible YAML templates that control Pandoc settings, filters, metadata and pre/postprocessing. Applied to a directory, pandocomatic can act as a static site generator.
  • Pandoc Build Task, a small MSBuild target to transform files with Pandoc. Provided as a Nuget package.
  • pandoc-schemata, providing JSON Schema files for Pandoc JSON.
  • pandocket, 'A python script that looks for special lines in a markdown file and uses those lines to convert, clean up, and insert content from URLs into the file for processing by pandoc'
  • Mighty Make, a building system and an attempt to standardize the folder structure tailored to large pandoc projects, like thesis or large reports.
  • fish-completion-pandoc, a pandoc completion script for use with the fish shell.


Additional Readers

Doc processing tools using Pandoc

  • Rippledoc processes .md files into html. It ripples down from the current directory through nested subdirectories processing md files as it goes. It also generates tables of contents and navigation links, stitching together the documents into an easily-navigable whole.

  • SPAB a very simple windows GUI that uses Pandoc and a couple other open source tools to produce a .mobi, .epub, .doc, and .pdf ready for the most popular self-publishing services. (See also: WaybackMachine; How to Self Publish a Book.)

  • Pandoc Droplets and Services is a collection of simple and easily customizable Automator drag-and-drop applets and service menu items that use pandoc to produce pdf, docx, odt, and dzslides output on OS X.

  • Markdown menus, by Luke Maciak, provides contextual menus on Windows for creating PDFs and Word documents from markdown files. Double-click on the reg file to install.

  • PandocMarkdownTools is a small collection of scripts that creates a simple menu structure for conversion of Markdown docs using Pandoc. There are also scripts to simplify creation of Pandoc tables in Markdown and to automate replacement of document markers with the table text.

  • tpl4md by David Loureiro provides markdown templates for widely used documents such as simple pdf documents, complex pdf documents, letters, invoices, orders, or even slides. The goal is to be able to focus on the content that will be written in markdown. The remaining elements are handle by pandoc, latex etc.

  • pandoc-watch by David Loureiro is a simple watcher that call the pandoc command with the provided arguments when a file/folder modification is detected.

  • Uberdoc by Stephan Brosinski is a wrapper script for Pandoc which provides a build system to turn a number of markdown files (chapters) into large documents.

  • Xmindoc is a wrapper script for Pandoc which converts XMind mindmaps to any documents that are available in Pandoc.

  • Octavo is a wrapper script for Pandoc that helps to render multiple versions of the same markdown file, FTP them to a server, and insert text into the document that refers to these other versions in plain English. It supports special markdown to produce highlight boxes and other features, comes with its own templates (in Tufte style, normal PDF, Word, html, etc.), and can produce spoken audio versions.

  • PanDiff produces prose diffs for any document format supported by Pandoc, and can output Markdown with CriticMarkup, HTML, PDF, and Word docx with Track Changes

Using pandoc with ConTeXt

Tools for Websites



  • gitit, a pandoc-based wiki that stores pages in a git (or darcs or mercurial) repository.
  • ikiwiki-pandoc, a feature-rich pandoc plugin for ikiwiki. Supports most features of pandoc relevant for a wiki, including almost all textual input formats, several math handling options, as well as citation/bibliography processing via pandoc-citeproc. It also supports several export formats, including pdf, docx, odt, beamer and revealjs. (Ikiwiki-pandoc was originally a fork of the currently unmaintained pandoc-iki).

Static website generators

  • yst: create static websites from YAML data and string templates, written in Haskell.
  • Hakyll: a static website compiler library in Haskell.
  • Website: a bash shell script by Caleb McDaniel to generate a site using pandoc.
  • Jekyll:
  • Pandocomatic RubyGem. Can also be used to automate the use of pandoc in a more general way.
  • pdsite: single shell script with no dependencies, runs on Unix-like systems.
  • gh-themes-magick: publish your GitHub project’s single page website from master branch’s /docs/ folder using GitHub themes, and let pandoc scripts update its contents to mirror the project’s

Serving markdown files with apache

Pandoc wrappers and interfaces

See Pandoc wrappers and interfaces


Integration with Reference Managers

Citation Style Language (CSL) with pandoc

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See Pandoc Filters

Templates: Illustrative Pandoc Templates

  • This wiki is developing a collection of User Contributed Templates for purposes of illustration; contribute your own, or if you keep pandoc templates under revision control, link them here.

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