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  • pandoc-seed-project, a git repo seed where by you can clone from. It uses gulp.js and some of its plugins to automate task of using pandoc to watch and compile documents from a source directory to a destination directory. Useful for large and complex directory of documents to process through pandoc.

  • grunt-pandoc, a makefile-like workflow, that uses gruntjs and nodejs, to watch and automatically compile documents using pandoc. Useful for large and complex directory of documents to process through pandoc. **Note:* Author now recommends pandoc-seed-project.

  • kokoi, a configurable markup file watcher, previewer, and converter that uses Pandoc as the default markup processing engine. kokoi watches for changes on the markup files in the directory kokoi is started, and if they change, automatically reprocesses and previews them directly in the browser.

Shell Completion



  • gitit, a pandoc-based wiki that stores pages in a git (or darcs or mercurial) repository.
  • pandoc-iki, by Jim Pryor, a plugin to use pandoc as a markdown handler with ikiwiki.

Building pandoc on a Raspberry Pi

The pandoc supplied by Raspbian is rather old ( The last version you can build is 1.11.1 but this is still an improvement. Here is how to do it:

  • You need a Modell B with 512 MB Ram
  • You need an 8 GB (or larger) SD Card
  • Use raspi-confg to set the Memory split to 16 (You can change back to 64 later)
  • Set swap to 500 MB (/etc/dphys-swapfile)
  • sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
  • Boot into console mode (no X)
  • If you have any services running (Samba, Hostapd, Apache, ... ) stop them.
  • sudo apt-get haskell-platform
  • cabal update
  • You may want to edit .cabal/config now and set user-install to False, remove the -- to uncomment. Otherwise the newly build packages are only available for the user who build them.
  • cabal install pandoc-1.11.1 this will take hours, be warned.
  • You may now want to install texlive, the full version will take up 3.5 GB but the small version should do for pandoc.

Static website generators

Serving .md and .markdown files with apache

Using pandoc with ConTeXt


  • pandocfilters, a library for writing pandoc filters in python.
  • vimhl, a vim plugin that makes vim syntax highlighting engine available in pandoc.
  • pandocfilters-php, a port of the python pandocfilters module to PHP to make writing filters in PHP easier.

Pandoc wrappers and interfaces


  • Using GPP as a preprocessor to get TeX-like macro features in Markdown.
  • pandoc-gpp by David Loureiro is a wrapper around pandoc and gpp in order to provide some macros for extra markup not available in markdown and its extensions.
  • mddia lets you embed ditaa ASCII-art diagrams in Markdown code blocks

Integration with Reference Managers

  • BibDesk Export Templates: drag and drop pandoc-style citations from BibDesk into your document; use pandoc to export formatted reference lists from BibDesk.

Illustrative Pandoc templates

Doc processing tools using Pandoc

  • Gouda is a Perl script which uses Pandoc to stitch multiple docs together as chapters into an easily-navigable whole. It provides an easy way to get started writing multi-page/chapter documentation.

  • Use Rippledoc to "ripple through" nested subdirectories of pandoc-markdown formatted notes, generating html from them, as well as generating a table of contents for easy navigation.

  • SPAB a very simple windows GUI that uses Pandoc and a couple other open source tools to produce a .mobi, .epub, .doc, and .pdf ready for the most popular self-publishing services.

  • Pandoc Droplets and Services is a collection of simple and easily customizable Automator drag-and-drop applets and service menu items that use pandoc to produce pdf, docx, odt, and dzslides output on OS X.

  • Markdown menus, by Luke Maciak, provides contextual menus on Windows for creating PDFs and Word documents from markdown files. Double-click on the reg file to install.

  • PandocMarkdownTools is a small collection of scripts that creates a simple menu structure for conversion of Markdown docs using Pandoc. There are also scripts to simplify creation of Pandoc tables in Markdown and to automate replacement of document markers with the table text.

  • tpl4md by David Loureiro provides markdown templates for widely used documents such as simple pdf documents, complex pdf documents, letters, invoices, orders, or even slides. The goal is to be able to focus on the content that will be written in markdown. The remaining elements are handle by pandoc, latex etc.

  • pandoc-watch by David Loureiro is a simple watcher that call the pandoc command with the provided arguments when a file/folder modification is detected.

  • Uberdoc by Stephan Brosinski is a wrapper script for Pandoc which provides a build system to turn a number of markdown files (chapters) into large documents.

  • Xmindoc is a wrapper script for Pandoc which converts XMind mindmaps to any documents that are available in Pandoc.

Non-English documentation

German Introduction / Deutsche Einführung

Eine kurze Einführung (16 Seiten) zu Markdown und Pandoc.

Der Text beschreibt die Auszeichnungssprache Markdown und die Benutzung des Programms Pandoc unter Berücksichtigung der Eigenheiten der deutschen Sprache. Er geht auf die Erzeugung von eBüchern (ePub und Kindle) sowie den Export nach OpenOffice und MS Office ein. Außerdem bietet er Vorlagen (templates) zur Verwendung mit LaTeX.

Das komplette Projekt gibt es auf [].

Das PDF Dokument kann man unter [] herunterladen, das dazugehörige Begleitmaterial sowie die Vorlagen gibt es als Zip archiv unter [].

Chinese Introduction / 中文翻譯

Pandoc’s Markdown 語法中文翻譯

這份中文語法文件翻譯自 Pandoc - Pandoc User’s Guide 中的 "Pandoc's markdown" 一節。

你可以看看這份文件的原始檔、產生文件所使用的 HTML 範本,以及轉換時的命令參數

Japanese translation of README / 日本語版Pandocユーザーズガイド



また、日本Pandocユーザ会も設立しました。 Pandocの使い方やバグについて議論したい方は、ぜひメーリングリストに ご参加下さい。

Examples of uses of pandoc

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