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The standalone app based on official debugger of React Native, and includes React Inspector / Redux DevTools


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React Native Debugger

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⚠️ This app is currently only supported old Remote Debugger, if you're looking for new debugger support (e.g. Hermes / JSI / New Architecture) of React Native Debugger, please follow discussion#774.

React Native Debugger

Run the redux example of react-navigation with Redux DevTools setup

This is a standalone app for debugging React Native apps:


To install the app, you can download a prebuilt binary from the release page.

For macOS, you can use Homebrew Cask to install:

< Homebrew 2.6.0

brew update && brew install --cask react-native-debugger

>= Homebrew 2.6.0

brew install --cask react-native-debugger

This puts React Native in your /applications/ folder.

NOTICE: React Native Compatibility

To use this app you need to ensure you are using the correct version of React Native Debugger and react-native:

React Native Debugger react-native
>= 0.11 >= 0.62
<= 0.10 <= 0.61

We used different auto-update feed for v0.10 and v0.11, so you won't see update tips of v0.11 from v0.10.

Install last release of v0.10 (0.10.7)

< Homebrew 2.6.0

brew update && brew cask install

>= Homebrew 2.6.0

brew install --cask

Arch-based distributions

You can install react-native-debugger-bin from Arch User Repository:

git clone
cd react-native-debugger-bin
makepkg -si

# or using AUR helper
paru -S react-native-debugger-bin

Build from source

Please read Development section in docs/ for how to build the app from source.


Documentation (v0.10)

Please visit v0.10 branch.



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