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daVinci Research Kit ROS stack
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da Vinci Research Kit ROS

This repository has code related to daVinci Research Kit (dVRK) ROS packages. See


We use the catkin build tools, NOT catkin_make. Please don't use catkin_make

List of Packages:

  • dvrk_robot [maintained]
    • Main file to start dVRK (dvrk_console_json), publish & subscribe ros topics
    • Launch files to start RViz with geometric simulation
  • dvrk_model [maintained]
    • CAD models & meshes
    • RViz configs
    • Launch files
  • dvrk_python [maintained]
    • Python classes using ROS topics
    • Simple API to control any dVRK arm as well as console and teleoperation components
  • dvrk_matlab [maintained, missing some features]
    • Matlab classes using ROS topics
    • Requires Robotics Toolkit (2015a and above), any OS (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    • Simple API to control any dVRK arm
    • No support for console (yet)
  • dv_gazebo_plugins [not maintained]
    • from WPI Nirav, don't know how to use Nirav?
  • dvrk_kinematics [not maintained]
    • kinematics model of MTM/PSM
  • dvrk_teleop [not maintained]
    • dummy teleop component with a Qt GUI
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