This library is written for the CodeIgniter PHP framework and is meant to interact with the Dropbox API
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CodeIgniter Dropbox API Library

This library will let a user authenticate with dropbox and perform actions such as uploading files, moving files, and deleting files from their dropbox account.

Basic documentation can be found on my blog at

The example controller provided will also give you a good idea of how to authenticate and use the library.


Copy the files under your application directory. Then load the library like this:

$params['key'] = 'YOUR DROPBOX CONSUMER KEY';

$params['secret'] = 'YOUR DROPBOX CONSUMER SECRET';

$this->load->library('dropbox', $params);

$dbobj = $this->dropbox->account();


This library is licensed under the MIT license.


You can also use this library with Sparks. Simply install using sparks then call.


Then load the library as specified in the usage.