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Basic Analysis: Introduction to Real Analysis

A free online textbook. See

Volume I and II are both in this directory

  • realanal.tex is Volume I
  • realanal2.tex is Volume II
  • The files above are just the "driver files", the actual contents are in the files ch-???.tex
  • realanal.tex must be complied first as realanal2.tex uses the realanal.aux file
  • The file realanal12.tex does both volumes together, currently that is only used for the HTML conversion

Notes on figures:

  • All figures are in figures/ directory for both volumes.
  • Many figures in figures/ are epix figures (files ending in .xp), and there are two scripts and that compile the figures. If you modify fonts or font sizes and want to rerun the figures, make sure to have epix installed, modify and then run ./ in the figures/ directory
  • The other type of figures were created with xfig (files ending in .fig), and then exported to PDF/LaTeX which generates a .pdf_t file that is just included in the latex file and contains all text, and a .pdf file which contains the graphics. You need xfig to edit these, then export to "Combined PDF/LaTeX (both parts)"


  • Some slides are in the slides/ directory. Not a complete set (yet?).

Work in progress stuff:

  • wip/realanal3.tex is an unfinished set of topics possibly to just add to Volume II
  • similarly wip/extras.tex and wip/stieltjes.tex wip/green.tex

On the scripts:

  • compiles the volume I file to pdf
  • compiles the volume II file to pdf
  • resize a PDF to crown quatro size using ghostscript
  • (runs does the conversion to HTML through PreTeXt, this is the only place that realanal12.tex is currently used.

Note: The tex sources require a somewhat recent LaTeX. If your latex does not have a recent enough ocgx2 package, you can simply comment out that line in the preamble. Another is the glossaries, which used to have a bug with sorting. If you are getting undefined errors while compiling, take out the "sort=use" option from the glossaries package.