AS183 PRNG C simulation code
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main.c State MIT License explicitly Oct 2, 2016

AS183 PRNG algorithm internal state calculator in C

  • This is a PoC code to show Erlang/OTP random module PRNG weakness.

Execution time example

  • FreeBSD 10.1-STABLE #56 r275872 (amd64)
  • On Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3427U CPU @ 1.80GHz (2294.84-MHz)
  • 8h18m37s = 29917 seconds
  • Begin: Tue Dec 23 09:21:33 JST 2014
  • End: Tue Dec 23 17:40:10 JST 2014

Test result

Results for every 100 million counts: interval-log.txt

Internal state loop detected
count = 6953607871644 y1 = 3172 y2 = 9814 y3 = 20125

bc command result says the cycle length is about 2^(42.661):


See also

Execution of main3.c proved no Erlang/OTP random:uniform/1 output is less than 1.0e-13.

how to compile

Use, or:

# main: internal state loop tester
cc -O3 -o main main.c
# main2: dump all possible internal state values
cc -o main2 main.c
# main3: check all internal states and
#        find if any OTP random:uniform/1
#        output value is less than < 1.0e-13
cc -O3 -o main3 main3.c


The MIT License.