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THIS IS A VERY EARLY STAGE WRAPPER FOR AVATARS.IO. However, the API will remain stable you can use it and nothing will break in the future.

The current version is only a fast code to learn the avatars.io API, however it works, coming next :

  • tests
  • injectable httpclient
  • more features (better handling of url generation for example)
  • refactoring

I have no time to work on this at the moment, ping me or open issue if you need this.

Build Status


composer.json :

    "require": {
        "jjaffeux/avatars-io-php": ">=1.0.0"
$avatar = new \AvatarsIo\Avatar(CLIENT ID, SECRET KEY);

General Usage

$avatar->upload('filepath', 'identifier'); //identifier is optionnal
$avatar->url('twitter', 'twitter username', 'size') //size is optionnal, can be small, medium, large

Bug tracker

Have a bug? Please create an issue here on GitHub!


  • Fork
  • Write tests (phpunit in the directory to run the tests)
  • Write Code
  • Pull request

Thanks for your help.


Joffrey Jaffeux


MIT License