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Workspace Whiz for Visual Studio add-in
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  1. Download and install HTML Help Workshop from
  2. Download and install InnoSetup's ISPack from
  3. Download the latest snapshot of the JamPlus binaries from Unzip it into a directory.
  4. Download Wget. One location to grab it from is Put the wget.exe in your PATH.
  5. Download unzip from Put the unzip.exe in your PATH.

Building Workspace Whiz

  1. Run the CreateJamVS2010Workspace.bat (or CreateJamVS2008Workspace.bat or CreateJamVC6Workspace.bat) script in the Workspace Whiz main directory after putting the jamplus\bin\ntx86 directory in your PATH (or modifying the CreateJamVS2010Workspace.bat script to point to that directory).
  2. Navigate to build2010\_workspace.vs2010_\ and open WorkspaceWhiz.sln within Visual Studio 2010.
  3. Build the solution.

Building the Workspace Whiz installer

  1. Build the Installer project in the solution.


It takes two instances of Visual Studio in order to debug Workspace Whiz. The first instance contains the Workspace Whiz solution, and it must not have the Workspace Whiz add-in active. The second instance is launched by the first instance and will be running Workspace Whiz.

Before launching the first instance of Visual Studio, run the following at the command line:

[d:\workspacewhiz]cd build2010\win32-release\image
[d:\workspacewhiz\build2010\win32-release\image]regsvr32 /u WorkspaceWhizD.dll
[d:\workspacewhiz\build2010\win32-release\image]regsvr32 /u WorkspaceWhiz.dll
  1. Launch Visual Studio.
  2. Load the Workspace Whiz solution.
  3. Build the solution. It will automatically register Workspace Whiz as an add-in within Visual Studio.
  4. Right click on the WorkspaceWhiz project in the Solution Explorer. Choose Properties.
  5. In the Debugging tab, choose Command and press the down arrow. Choose Browse. Browse for C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe. Click OK.
  6. Debug.

Building the solution will automatically register the Workspace Whiz add-in with Visual Studio.

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