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A markdown previewer and README writer built with Angular
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This project was generated with Angular CLI version 1.2.6.

Live Example

Reasoning behind Project

This is a quick project I did to test out Angular 2. I have not invested enough time into learning markdown to know exactly what I write will look like. It has also come in useful for converting old markdown files quickly into development blog post for my current job.

Lessons Learned

I really found this project helpful in understanding how Angular 2 works in relation to React (with which I am more proficient). In the end I was not a big fan of Angular 2, but I really enjoyed working with TypeScript.

This was also very valuable for teaching myself test-writing. Around the time I wrote this project I went back over older projects and wrote test for already completed projects. This project I wrote the test more or less concurrently to give it a test driven development feel.

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