An example JavaScript widget demonstrating script loading, css reset, and JSONP
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Building 3rd Party Widgets with JavaScript

Example code prepared for the Baltimore JavaScript Meetup January 31 2012

This example code will run in a PHP container (Apache). The 'server' dir is the document root. The 'client/index.html' is the reference implementation of the widget, embedded in another site. Open client/index.html in a browser (open the file directly) and interact with the server widget.

Important Concepts

  • the widget loads its own js and css, including jQuery from a CDN
  • cleanslate is used to reset the style of the widget container
  • an anonymous function is used to keep all of the widget code from colliding with client code on the host page
  • JSONP is used to send information back to the server (more sophisticated techniques exist, like CORS or PostMessage)
  • the JSONP destination is actually a PHP script