A helper container to execute a program on Google Cloud Platform.
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A helper container to execute a program on Google Cloud Platform.


  • downloads necessary files from web and Google Cloud Storage,
  • runs commands,
  • uploads results to Google Cloud Storage.

Instructions for Roadie-GCP are simple YAML documents like

- nodejs
source: https://github.com/itslab-kyushu/youtube-comment-scraper.git
- http://sample.com/run.sh
- gs://a-project/input/data:/tmp
- npm install
- run.sh /tmp/data
result: gs://a-project/result/
- "*.out"

This example commands Roadie-GCP to install nodejs via apt, and download source codes from a Github repository. Then, it prepares to data from some web server and Google Cloud Storage, and run a command run.sh /tmp/data. Finally, it uploads stdout and results which have extension .out to a bucket in Google Cloud Storage. Roadie-GCP automatically shutdowns the virtual machine Roadie-GCP is running on, so you can minimize charge.


Letting conf.yml be an instruction file,

$ docker run -i jkawamoto/roadie-gcp < conf.yml

starts Roadie-GCP with the instruction. You also specify an instruction file instead of STDIN by

$ docker run -i jkawamoto/roadie-gcp -c /path/to/conf.yml

Roadie-GCP will shutdown your VM after finishing instructions. Thus, https://www.googleapis.com/auth/compute scope is required. To prevent this behavior, use --no-shutdown option.

The full description of arguments is below.

usage: docker run -i jkawamoto/roadie-gcp [-h] [-c CONF] [--no-shutdown]

Read an instruction from STDIN and run programs in that way.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c CONF, --conf CONF  Specify an instruction YAML file instead of STDIN.
  --no-shutdown         Not shutdown after finishing tasks.
  --no-unzip            Not unzip zipped files.  


An instruction file is a YAML document. It has three top-level elements; apt, source, data, run, result, and upload.


The apt section specifies a package list to be installed via apt.

- nodejs
- package_a
- package_b


The source section specifics how to obtain source codes. It could have either git repository URL or normal URL. A git repository URL is a URL ends with .git. Such URLs will be used with git clone. If you want to use ssh to connect your repository, you may need to deploy valid ssh keys in /root/.ssh in this container. For normal URL, in addition to the basic scheme http and https, this url supports gs which means an object in Google Cloud Storage, and dropbox. See the next section for detail.


Clone source code from a git repository:
source: https://github.com/itslab-kyushu/youtube-comment-scraper.git
Download source code from some web server:
source: https://exmaple.com/abc.txt
Download source code from Google Cloud Storage:
source: gs://your_bucket/path_to_object
Download source code from Dropbox:
source: dropbox://www.dropbox.com/sh/abcdefg/ABCDEFGHIJKLMN


The data section specifies URLs to be downloaded. It must be a list of extended URLs and the format of extended URL is




URL schemes Roadie-GCP supports are gs, dropbox and schemes which curl supports. To download objects, Roadie-GCP uses curl but uses gsutil for gs scheme. dropbox is a pseudo scheme to download objects from Dropbox. To use this scheme, get public URL from Dropbox and then replace https to dropbox. When you download objects via Dropbox's public link, they are zipped. Using dropbox scheme will unzip those objects.

Downloaded objects will be put in /data which is the default working directory. You can also use the second format of URL to specify destinations of objects.


The run section specifies what commands will be run. It must be a list of commands. Those commands will be executed via shell. STDOUT of those commands will be stored to files named stdout*.txt and uploaded to Google Cloud Storage. For example, the outputs of the first commands will be stored to stdout0.txt. On the other hands, STRERR will be outputted to docker logs.


The result section specifies where outputted results should be stored. Outputted results include STDOUT of each commands. Roadie-GCP supports only a place in Google Cloud Storage, currently. Thus, the value of the result element must be a URL of which scheme is gs.


The upload section specifies other files to be uploaded as results. This section consist of a list of glob patterns. Objects matching to one of the patterns will be uploaded to the cloud storage. Each glob pattern can have a destination after :. For example, "*.out:result means objects matching *.out will be uploaded to result folder.


This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.