PowerShell Modules I have created over time.
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These are Modules I have created over time. If you would like to contribute please feel free to Fork. If you have any issues please reach out.


  1. Only fork the dev branch.
  2. Pull requests to master will not be considered.
  3. Include comments on your code.
  4. Keep comments up to date.
  5. Create issues for any code corrections on the dev branch, fork then pull.
  6. Use Allman Style indentation or very similar for code style.
  7. Ask questions.


This Module allows for basic malnipulation of the windows clipboard.

It supports:

  1. Setting the clipboard text
  2. Getting the clipboard text
  3. Adding files to the clipboard
  4. Getting a list of files in the clipboard.
  5. Clearing the clipboard.


This module can be used for replicating a folder structure including the files without actually copying the data. This can be usefull for generating test folder and test structures while scripts or if you need to copy a folder structure multiple times.

It supports:

  1. Copying only directory structures
  2. Copying directory structures with files, including some file metadata.