Ssocial authenticator and data collector tool for researching contribution patterns of individuals in multiple social media and mapping platforms
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Social authenticator and data collector

A django web app for social authentication and a data collector class to retrieve contributions of authorized users from diferent social apps


You will need a PostgreSQL instalce with postgis and pipenv.


Pull the django-allauth package from my repo that contains additional oauth providers, such as OSM, Mapillary and Strava. Install it with pipenv

cd some_path
git clone
cd path_to_django_webapp
pipenv install -e some_path/django-allauth
pipenv sync
pipenv shell

Set the following environmental variables: DJANGO_SOCIAL_SECRET, DJANGO_SOCIAL_DEFAULT_DB_[x], DJANGO_SOCIAL_DATA_DB_[x], where x corresponds to NAME, USER, PASS, HOST and PORT.

cd socialcollector

Create a django superuser with python createsuperuser. Run python migrate and python runserver. You can now check your developement instance at Add your social app credentials (client key, secret) at

Set up data db.