OpenFaaS stack to ping my blog and report back on a slack channel if the ping fails
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This repository is an OpenFaaS stack I use to ping my blog and report back on a slack channel if the ping fails.

This has an accompanying blog post you can find here:

This is a high level view of what is in this repository: Stack Diagram

In the top section you can find logs of an OpenFaaS function, the brain of all this, in the bottom section I invoke this function on an inexistant site, and on the right you can see an incoming message to Slack with the site down information!

Stack Diagram


  1. Adapt the token in samples.yml as specified in slack_it
  2. build and deploy
  1. Test the individual functions ./

If everything works fine, you should see something like the below.

Initializing Botkit v0.5.6
info: ** No persistent storage method specified! Data may be lost when process shuts down.
info: ** Setting up custom handlers for processing Slack messages
info: ** API CALL:
{"slackit":"v1","request":{"message":"Anything really"}}
{"DownNotifier":"v1","request":{"url":""},"response":"all ok - slack not informed"}
  1. Profit!