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scripts and Dockerfiles to build jmtd/debian* docker images
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scripts and Dockerfiles to build jmtd/debian* docker images

What I use to build jmtd/debian:* docker images on the Docker registry.

Description of images

  • build: This is a sid/unstable base image, variant buildd: this includes apt, build-essential and their dependencies. It's suitable as a base image for building a Debian package, or the basis of a buildd.

  • stretch: a base debian installation of stretch (current stable). Approx. 220M in size.

  • jessie: a base debian installation of jessie (oldstable). Approx. 218M in size.

  • wheezy-i386: a base debian installation of the i386-architecture version of wheezy (oldoldstable). This could be used for anything requiring a 32-bit toolchain. Approx 166M in size.

Getting started

To build your own images run

sudo apt-get install git make debootstrap
git clone
cd debian-docker/
sudo make release=stretch prefix=jmtd arch=amd64 mirror=

All the arguments above are optional. The values in the example above are the defaults. The resulting image would be tagged jmtd/debian:stretch-amd64.

Future work

I don't want to maintain a zillion different images, but there are a few other variants that might be of use for people:

  • possibly move the debootstrap step to execute within a container, so you don't need it on your host system
  • Update the i386 variant image to stable
  • Perhaps introduce floating release tags, e.g. :stable.
  • A wine base image, derived from (probably) jessie-i386.
  • Possibly a base X image, with x11vnc, uxterm and a lightweight window manager. Last I checked openbox was a bit smaller than icewm.
  • minimised images. As per Joey H's blog, The Debian images here are base Debian images, to avoid being misleading, but that makes them much larger than Docker's "semi-official" Debian images (twice as large). We could/should offer minimized images, starting with --variant=minbase but also incorporating other things, such as some of the techniques used by emdebian. Just so long as we clearly label them as being modified from stock Debian.

Further Reading

what does run -it debian sh run? by Joey Hess, which recommends only trust docker images you build yourself.

— Jonathan Dowland

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