SimpleDatabseBackup is a KeePass plugin which was created for simpleness. There is no setup, no GUI and no configuration no dependencies. Just copy over the plugin into KeePess plugin folder and you are done.
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SimpleDatabseBackup is a KeePass plugin which was created for simpleness. There is no setup, no GUI and no configuration. Just install and go. That's all.

What is this plugin for?

It will create a backup for every opened KeePass database (.kdbx) every time a database with changes is being saved. The backups will be placed in the databases source folder, with a maximum of 5 backups. The backups will be rotated, newest in, oldest out. SimpleDatabaseBackup is fully cross-platform compatible.

NOTE: SimpleDatabaseBackup currently creates local backups only. Since most users having their database in some sort of local-to-cloud syncfolder that's ok because the backups are being synced by the cloud application. Remote databases (sftp, scp, ftps) are not supported currently. I'm working on this but this is more complicated and I've to do this on my spare time. Please be patient in this point...


The compiled plugin can be downloaded here:

Installing SimpleDatabaseBackup plugin

Please follow the KeePass documentation:

In short: Just put it into the KeePass.exe folder.

Updating the SimpleDatabaseBackup plugin

To update quit KeePass and overwrite the older release. That's all. After updating the plugin please always manually remove the backup databases.

Can I change the number of backups ?

At the time of writing this the number of backups is hard-coded into the sources, but you may follow the excellent documentation on the KeePass website and build your own customized plugin or you can create an issue here and if there is some need from the users I will add this freature request.

Further information

This plugin is heavily based on the DatabaseBackup plugin written by Francis Noël which you can find here:

There is no license or copyright information left in the original sources so I hope Franics allows me to re-use parts of his code. If not, please leave me a note.

I created this small plugin because I use KeePass daily with one personal and one shared business database. Even not enough on I need to do this on cross-platform operating systems every day. People tend to make mistakes from time to time. That is the right moment for backups.

At the time I only used Windows with Francis DatabaseBackup plugin everything was fine, but since I need to switch between Windows, macOS and Linux I realized that Francis plugin doesn't play nicely. It has some serious bugs when using multiple databases and the path names were not cross-platform compatible. So I forked DatabaseBackup, removed the GUI, stripped out everything unneeded and modified it for my needs - cross-platform, simple, silent ==> SimpleDatabaseBackup


  • 1.0.8 Fixed the possibility to accidentally delete databases with underscore in filenames which were treated as backup files. Please manually delete all backup file before.
  • 1.0.7 Major bugfix. Rewritten the complete backup logic. Now SDB never would forget to delete old backups - even when stored on shared cloud folders.
  • 1.0.6 Minor bugfix. Removed some unused references to increase compatibility (Yes, it's true - Someone is still using WindowsXP)
  • 1.0.5 Fixed a bug which caused an unhandled exception when saving a new database.
  • 1.0.4 Fixed a bug that prevents the entrie backup.
  • 1.0.3 Added KeePass update notifications; A database will be backed-up only when modified.
  • 1.0.1 First public release.