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CircleCI License: MPL 2.0

The pnzr package works on Go versions:

  • 1.8.x and greater
  • 1.9.x and greater
  • 1.10.x and greater


Can be installed in either way.

Use install script

On macOS, or Linux run the following:

$ curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jobtalk/pnzr/master/install.sh | sh

Note that you may need to run the sudo version below, or alternatively chown /usr/local:

$ curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jobtalk/pnzr/master/install.sh | sudo sh

Use Go get

$ go get -u github.com/jobtalk/pnzr

Detailed instructions

Please read the wiki.

Update latest version

$ pnzr update


Deploy ecs

$ pnzr deploy -f setting.json
$ pnzr deploy -profile aws/profile -f setting.json

Encrypt setting

$ pnzr vault encrypt -f target.json
$ pnzr vault encrypt -key_id ${KMS_KEY_ID} -f target.json

Decrypt setting

$ pnzr vault decrypt -f target.json

Viewer mode of encrypted setting file

latest config version

$ pnzr vault view -f target.json

choose config version

$ pnzr vault view -v prototype -а target.json

check default config version

$pnzr vault view -h
  -v string
    	config version (default "1.0")

Edit mode of encrypted file

$ pnzr vault edit -f target.json

Support Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA)

$ pnzr vault view -profile use-mfa-user -f deploy-config.json 
Assume Role MFA token code: ******

use any editor in edit mode

It run when assigning editor name to EDITOR.


$ EDITOR=vim pnzr vault edit -f /path/to/target


$ EDITOR="code --wait" pnzr vault edit -f /path/to/target


$ EDITOR="atom --wait" pnzr vault edit -f /path/to/target