A status shell script to update the X11 WM_NAME for DWM with date, time and temperature.
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Dynamic Window Manager Status Monitor

This is a very simple bash script to display the current date and time along with the CPU temperature in DWM's status monitor.

This was designed to work with Raspbian OS on the RPI3, but if you modify the /sys temperature path, it should work on most UNIX system.


  1. Download the bash script and save to a location on your machine.
  2. Use chmod to make it executable (e.g. chmod 700 dwm_sm.
  3. Edit your ~/.xinitrc to include the following line:
/path/to/the/file/dwm_sss &
  1. Call xinit/startx or reboot to start the daemon.


This is what the status bar should look like:

closeup screenshot