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Sometimes it's nice to use a global event bus in your applications. This dispatcher wraps a bit of the eventing functionality from $rootScope to create an event bus that other actors in your application can use.


The dispatching controller is a mixin for your controllers to enhance their behavior.

angular.module('my-module', [
 * This is how you'd use the dispatcher  
.controller('myController', function ($scope, DispatchingController) {
              var time = new Date();
              // `this` scope can be an issue here. It might be 
              // required to assign `var myController = this` 
              // in some cases.
              // this could be `angular.extend` vs the Object.mixin ;)
              angular.extend(this, new DispatchingController($scope));
              this.listen('hi', function (event, msg) {
                console.log('event handled:', time, msg, event);
              this.dispatch('hi', 'from controller')
.service('myService', function(dispatch) {
  dispatch('hi', 'from service');