Example configuration file for simple, non-compiled deployments of Gitweb.
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This is an example configuration file for simple, non-compiled deployments of Gitweb. In most cases, Gitweb will work without having to manually configure any additional settings.

Authored by Joe Maller, January 2010
Based on Git v1.6.6

Download: zip or tar.gz

###Instructions for installing Gitweb without building or compiling

  1. On your webserver, download and extract the current Git source package, then copy the gitweb directory to your web root.
  2. Inside the gitweb directory, rename gitweb.perl -> gitweb.cgi
  3. Edit gitweb.cgi replacing ++GITWEB_CONFIG++ with gitweb_config.perl on line 546:
    +our $GITWEB_CONFIG =$ENV{'GITWEB_CONFIG'} || "gitweb_config.perl";
  4. Download the Simple Gitweb Config files and extract them into the same directory as your gitweb.cgi files. At this point, Gitweb should be working.
  5. If necessary, edit projects_list.txt, gitweb_config.perl and customize the three html files for your environment.