Request._split_url_string() incorrectly handles empty/blank parameters #22

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Section - Parameters Normalization

Item number 3 of the normalization spec sepcifically states that all values must be included, even if they are empty. The call to parse_qs must therefore be changed to set keep_blank_values=False


Wait, don't you mean it must be changed to set keep_blank_values=True?


keep empty params parsed from the URL (closed by edeb9b6)

@felixleong felixleong pushed a commit to felixleong/python-oauth2 that referenced this issue Jun 13, 2011
@zbowling zbowling Merge branch 'master' of git://
* 'master' of git:// (66 commits)
  Prepared changelog for build 165
  get_normalized_parameters() is required to exclude any oauth_signature that was already there, and it is required to preserve duplicate keys, even with identical values ref #46, fixes pull/49, thanks @zyegfryed
  Prepared changelog for build 164
  make it actually inspect the request, and fix the test to require the right things of the request ref #46, ref pull/49, thanks @zyegfryed
  Prepared changelog for build 163
  add test of #46; fixes #46
  Prepared changelog for build 162
  import parse_qs from cgi if it can't be imported from urlparse, thus regaining compatibility with Python 2.5 fixes #47 thanks to @vtsao, @subsume, @worksology
  Prepared changelog for build 161
  Include all parameters from URL, even ones that begin with "oauth_", in signature base.
  Prepared changelog for build 160
  Prepared changelog for build 159
  add another unicode test case to the tests just to show to user saevarom on github
  Prepared changelog for build 158
  keep empty params parsed from the URL (fixes #22)
  Prepared changelog for build 155
  use multiple values under the same key from the body (fixes #23) Thanks to rogerm, ideasculptor, jiivan, timgraham.
  Prepared changelog for build 154
  Prepared changelog for build 153
  add work-around for bug unicode-handling in urlparse in Python < 2.7, including tests

@piguin piguin pushed a commit to piguin/python-oauth2 that referenced this issue Nov 13, 2011
@zookos zookos keep empty params parsed from the URL (fixes #22) edeb9b6
This issue was closed.
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