A basic Python client library for Transloadit



This is a Python client for the Transloadit service, which is a cloud encoder for images, video, and other content that needs marshalling around the internet. Before you get started you'll want to enable API authentication.


The following example shows you how to import an image from somewhere on the internet and run it through one of your templates.

from transloadit.client import Client

AUTH_KEY = 'Your_Key_Here'
AUTH_SECRET = 'Your_Secret_Here'

client = Client(AUTH_KEY, AUTH_SECRET)
params = {
    'steps': {
        ':original': {
            'robot': '/http/import',
            'url': 'http://example.com/some_image.jpg'
    'template_id': 'your_template_id_here'

result = client.request(**params)
print result

Multipart file uploads

You can also upload files via a files keyword argument.

files = {'file': open('report.xls', 'rb')}
result = client.request(files=files, **params)

Check requests files format for file examples.