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A Simple Good Looking Context Menu, for jQuery

Yes, there are loads of context menu plugins already. But they require a fair amount of work to make them look good.

This one is easy to use, small, and looks good.



  • Tiny library. Only dependency is jQuery.
  • Simple API.
  • Looks good out of the box, with no additional tweaking.
  • Designed to look and behave like a standard Windows context menu.
  • There's so little code, it should be easy to add your own custom features.

The menu looks like this:



Include the files jquery.contextmenu.css and jquery.contextmenu.js in your page <head>. You also need jQuery. It is recommended that you use the HTML 5 DOCTYPE to ensure rendering consistency.

<!DOCTYPE html>
     <script src="jquery-1.6.2.min.js"></script> 
     <script src="jquery.contextmenu.js"></script> 
     <link rel="stylesheet" href="jquery.contextmenu.css">
     ... rest of your stuff ...

You can get the files from here:


The plugin introduces a contextPopup() method to the jQuery object.

Assuming you have an element that you'd like to bind a context menu to:

<div id="mythingy">hello</div>

You can wire up a context menu like this:

  title: 'My Popup Menu',
  items: [
    {label:'Some Item',     icon:'icons/shopping-basket.png', action:function() { alert('clicked 1') } },
    {label:'Another Thing', icon:'icons/receipt-text.png',    action:function() { alert('clicked 2') } },
    null, /* null can be used to add a separator to the menu items */
    {label:'Blah Blah',     icon:'icons/book-open-list.png',  action:function() { alert('clicked 3') }, isEnabled:function() { return false; } },

The 'isEnabled' function is optional. By default all items are enabled.


The icons should be 16x16 pixels. I recommend the Fugue icon set (shadowless).



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