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Maroto V2

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A Maroto way to create PDFs. Maroto is inspired in Bootstrap and uses Gofpdf. Fast and simple.


Maroto definition: Brazilian expression, means an astute/clever/intelligent person. Art by @marinabankr

You can write your PDFs like you are creating a site using Bootstrap. A Row may have many Cols, and a Col may have many components. Besides that, pages will be added when content may extrapolate the useful area. You can define a header which will be added always when a new page appear, in this case, a header may have many rows, lines or tablelist.

Maroto v2.0.0-beta.4 is here! Try out:

  • Installation withgo get:
go get
  • You can see the full v2 documentation here.
  • The v1 still exists in this branch, and you can see the doc here.



Command Description Dependencies
make build Build project go
make test Run unit tests go
make fmt Format files gofmt, gofumpt and goimports
make lint Check files golangci-lint
make dod (Definition of Done) Format files and check files Same as make build, make test, make fmt and make lint
make install Install all dependencies go, curl and git
make examples Run all examples go
make mocks Generate mocks go and mockery
make docs Run docs serve local docsify

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time