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AceJump is a plugin for the IntelliJ Platform that lets you jump to any symbol in the editor with just a few keystrokes.

Jump Points

Hitting the keyboard shortcut for AceJump (Ctrl+; by default) will activate a tooltip overlay. Press any of the illustrated key combinations in sequence, and the cursor will immediately jump to that location in the editor.


AceJump can be installed by the unzipping the contents of into:

  • $HOME/.IdeaIC<Major Version>/config/plugins/ if you are using IntelliJ IDEA Community, or
  • $HOME/.IntellijIdea<Major Version>/config/plugins/ if you are using IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

You can also install AceJump directly from the IDE, via File | Settings | Plugins | Browse Repositories... | πŸ” "AceJump".



You can change the default keyboard shortcut, by visiting File | Settings | Keymap | πŸ” "AceJump" | AceJump | Enter.



In order to build AceJump from the source, clone this repository and run ./gradlew buildPlugin.


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