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Take screenshot selection, upload to imgur. + more cool things
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The Imgur-Screenshot uploader for Linux/OS X from


A desktop notification

  1. select area of your screen
  2. The screenshot is uploaded to imgur


  • Upload screenshot or image file
  • Use any screenshot tool
  • Edit image before uploading
  • Upload anonymously or to your imgur account
  • Copy link to clipboard
  • Open uplaoded image
  • Delete image from disk after upload
  • Filenames, links and deletion links are stored
  • Get notifications about updates

The edit feature is very interesting for automization with something like ImageMagick, or to quickly add notes.


Clone the repo and check if you have all dependencies installed:

imgur-screenshot --check

That's it.
Bind the script to a hotkey or add it to your $PATH for quick access ;)



imgur-screenshot [[-c | --connect] | --check | [-v | --version] | [-h | --help]] | [[-o | --open=true|false] [-e | --edit=true|false] [-l | --login=true|false] [-k | --keep_file=true|false] [file]]
short command description
-h --help Show help, exit
-v --version Print current version, exit
--check Check if all dependencies are installed, exit
-c --connect Show connected imgur account, exit
-o --open=true|false override open config
-o is equal to --open=true
-e --edit=true|false override edit config
-e is equal to --edit=true
-l --login=true|false override login config
-lis equal to --login=true
-k --keep_file=true|false override keep_file config
file instead of uploading a screenshot, upload file

Uploading a screenshot

All you need to do is simply run imgur-screenshot.

Uploading a screenshot to your account

imgur-screenshot --connect # shows you which account you're connected to
imgur-screenshot -l

Making a selection:


(Most are probably pre-installed)
Tip: Use --check to see what's missing.

OS support

This will not work on Windows. (maybe with cygwin?)
I have successfully tested this on Ubuntu and OS X.
If this won't work on your OS, create a new issue.


Config options are explained below.

The default config can be overridden at ~/.config/imgur-screenshot/settings.conf:

file_name_format="imgur-%Y_%m_%d-%H:%M:%S.png" # when using scrot, must end with .png!
screenshot_select_command="scrot -s %img" # OS X: "screencapture -i %img"
screenshot_window_command="scrot %img" # OS X: "screencapture -iWa %img"
edit_command="gimp %img"
open_command="xdg-open %url" # OS X: "open %url"
  • imgur_anon_key

    The imgur API key used for anonymous upload. Don't change this unless you have a valid key

  • imgur_acct_key

    The imgur API key used to upload to your account.

  • imgur_secret

    The imgur API secret. Don't change this unless you have a valid secret and would like to upload to your account.

  • imgur_icon_path

    The path to the imgur favicon file (download here).
    Has to be a file in your file system, links do not work.
    example Will be shown as icon for notifications.

  • login

    If set to true, the script will try to upload to your account

  • credentials_file

    The file used to store your account credentials

  • save_file

    If set to false, the file will be deleted after upload.

  • file_name_format

    The format used for saved screenshots. more info

  • file_dir

    Optional. The path to the directory where you want your images saved.

  • upload_connect_timeout

    Maximum time in seconds until the connection to imgur should be established.

  • upload_timeout

    Maximum time the whole upload procedure may take.

  • upload_retries

    Amount of retries that will be done if the upload failed.

  • screenshot_select_command

    Command to create a selective screenshot and save it to %img

  • screenshot_window_command

    Command to grab the active window and save it to %img On debian, you can use scrot -u %img to capture the active window instead of the whole screen (Used when selective screenshot cannot be taken, see #1)

  • edit

    If set to true, make use of edit_command

  • edit_command

    An executable that is run before the image is uploaded.
    The image will be uploaded when the program exits.
    %img is replaced with the image's filename.

  • edit_on_selection_fail

    When the selective screenshot fails, open the (full screen) image with edit_command (see #1)

  • open_command

    An executable that is run after the image was uploaded.
    %img is replaced with the image's filename.
    %url is replaced with the image's URL.

  • open

    If set to true, open url after image uploaded.

  • log_file

    The path to the logfile.
    The logfile contains filenames, URLs and errors.

  • copy_url

    If set to true, the image URL will be copied to clipboard.

  • keep_file

    If set to false, the file will be deleted. Only deletes screenshots.

  • check_update

    If set to true, it will check for updates after the upload. This will not apply the update, just notify you if there's a new version.


The screenshot will be taken after the selection has been made. This could be annoying if you want to capture something quickly and then want to select an area. I might implement this as a FutureFeature™ when I find a decent way to capture the whole screen, display the shot in full screen and then crop it to a selection.


If you get a notification like

Something went wrong :(
Information logged to /foo/bar/logfile.log

This probably means that scrot -s/screencapture -i was unable to make a selective screenshot.

  • You pressed the any key during selection
  • (OS X / screencapture) you didn't make a selection or pressed Esc.
    • Note: This is a bug which I have reported to Apple. It's fixed in OS X Yosemite
  • (Linux / scrot) sleep 0.1 in the script didn't help. Try increasing the value
    • Note: A short sleep is required, otherwise scrot handles the hotkey you're using for imgur-screenshot as any key to cancel the selection
  • You don't have permission to write the file
  • One of the dependencies is not installed
  • You don't have your display plugged in (wrong terminal?) >_<
  • ?? - run scrot -s/screencapture -i directly and check the outcome


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