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⚠️ Please take a look at the proposed version 2.0 !

The Imgur-Screenshot uploader for Linux & OS X from


  1. select area of your screen
  2. The screenshot is uploaded to imgur

screenshot gif


  • Upload screenshot or image files
  • Copy link to clipboard
  • Customizable configuration
  • Edit image before uploading
  • Upload anonymously or to an account
  • Create and add to albums
  • Filename, link, and deletion link history is stored
  • Automatic image deletion
  • Update notifications

The edit feature can be used for automated editing with something like ImageMagick, or just to quickly add notes.


Install on Mac via Homebrew

brew update && brew install imgur-screenshot

Install on ArchLinux via AUR

See the imgur-screenshot-git package.

Install on CentOS and Fedora via COPR

See valdikss/imgur-screenshot on COPR.

Install on NixOS via Nix

See imgur-screenshot on Hydra.

Install via git

git clone

Download source

Alternatively, you can download from releases.
These builds have auto-update.patch applied, allowing to update via --update.

To check if all dependencies are installed: --check

That's it.
Bind the script to a hotkey or add it to your $PATH for quick access ;)



Note: Check out the wiki for more! [--debug] [-c | --check | -v | -h | -u] [--debug] [optiion]... [file]...
short command description
--debug Enable debugging. Must be the first option!
Remember to remove credentials before pasting!
-h --help Show help, exit
-v --version Print current version, exit
--check Check if all dependencies are installed, exit
-c --connect Show connected imgur account, exit
-o --open <true|false> override open config
-e --edit <true|false> override edit config
-l --login <true|false> override login config
-a --album <album_title> Create new album and upload there
-A --album-id <album_id> override album_id config
-k --keep-file <true|false> override keep_file config
-d --auto-delete <s> automatically delete image after s seconds
-u --update check for updates, exit.
Release versions also apply found updates.
This is done automatically when check_update and auto_update are set to true.
file ... instead of uploading a screenshot, upload file

Uploading a screenshot

All you need to do is simply run

Uploading a screenshot to your account -c # shows you which account you're connected to -l true

Making a selection:


(Most are probably pre-installed)
Tip: Use --check to see what's missing.

OS support

This will not work on Windows. (maybe with cygwin?)
I have successfully tested this on Ubuntu and OS X.
If this won't work on your OS, create a new issue.


The screenshot will be taken after the selection has been made. This might be annoying if you want to capture something quickly and then want to select an area. However, you can take a full shot and use the edit option to crop the image before upload.

How to contribute

  • Report issues
  • Submit feature request
  • Make a pull request
  • Buy me a beer: 1jomojdTww1vnNwvseLrKgTENZoojQ3Um
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