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Scala.js Benchmarks

This is a port of the Dart benchmark harness to Scala.js.

You can see the benchmarks in action here.

All derivative work is the copyright of their respective authors and distributed under their original license. All original work unless otherwise stated is distributed under the same license as Scala.js.

Get started

To run the benchmarks, first install the Scala.js compiler by following the instructions in the Scala.js README.

Next, open sbt either in the root folder or in the folder of the benchmark you want to run. Issue packageJS to compile the Scala code to JavaScript. For benchmarks with a web version, open the index-dev.html of the in your favorite Web browser. For benchmarks without a web version execute the script inside the benchmark folder.

During development, it is useful to use ~packageJS in sbt, so that each time you save a source file, a compilation of the project is triggered. Hence only a refresh of your Web page is needed to see the effects of your changes.

The optimized version

Instead of running packageJS, you can also run optimizeJS to generate a much more compact version of the JavaScript code. While index-dev.html refers to the JavaScript emitted by packageJS, index.html refers to the optimized JavaScript emitted by optimizeJS.

The optimization phase is performed by the Advanced Optimizations of the Google Closure Compiler, which make strong assumptions about the code being compiled.

All the code generated by Scala.js respects these assumptions. But if you modify exports.js, make sure that you comply with them if you want to be able to use optimizeJS.


I have unresolved dependencies on scala-js-...

You have probably forgotten to execute publishLocal from the sbt prompt in Scala.js.

WARNING - dangerous use of the global this object

This warning is emitted by the Google Closure Compiler when running optimizeJS. The global this object is used in the exports.js script as an alternative to window to export symbols used by the various startup code. This allows the benchmarks to run both in the web browser and in the d8 (the V8 shell), which does not define global objects like window.