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bind enter to view diff (but not jump into diff view) ? #83

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I would like to rebind the enter key: Instead of showing the diff and placing the cursor into the diff view I would like to show the diff view without placing the cursor there.

So, in ~/.tigrc, I tried: bind main enter view-diff

However, this opens the diff-view in full-screen mode. I would like to keep the split-screen, though. Is there something like:

bind main enter view-diff-in-split-screen ?

Thank you for the wonderful app


You are not the first one to request this, but I have never gotten around to actually do the needed refactoring to allow this sort of thing. The current navigation mode is somewhat hardwired with the behavior of 'Enter' making it difficult to just add a new keybinding.

I've made a quick prototype, which I think actually works pretty natural. Enter will open the diff as you proposed, and pressing enter again on the same commit will scroll the diff view, which is similar to the behavior of the current navigation mode.


I have compiled the lazy-nav branch. Yeah, completely sufficiant for me!

Thanks a lot


Thanks for testing this Felix. I merged the lazy-nav branch into master. To enable the lazy mode you need to add the following to ~/.tigrc:

set focus-child = no
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Oh, yeah, and if you have comments, such as a better name for this option, please don't hesitate to send me a note.

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