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F# Workshop

##Introduction## Do you want to learn F# and Functional Programming? Well, you better start coding!

Learning a new programming language is not easy, on top of reading a lot you need to practice even more.

This workshop is designed to teach you some of the basics of F# and Functional Programming by combining theory (slides) and practice (exercises).


The course is split into 4 modules, each of them contains a presentation (theory) and one exercise (practice).

Module 1

  • Bindings
  • Functions
  • Tuples
  • Records

Module 2

  • High order functions
  • Pipelining
  • Partial application
  • Composition

Module 3

  • Options
  • Pattern matching
  • Discriminated unions
  • Units of measure

Module 4

  • Functional lists
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Type providers





Workshop Feedback

"Outstanding weekend #fsharp workshop led by @jorgefioranelli at @Jet's Hoboken HQ. #functionalprogramming #learning" @JetTechnology tweet

"Thanks to @jorgefioranelli and @Jet for a beautiful workshop demonstrating how developer |> F# = (smallerCodeBase, lessErrors, moreFun) 😄" @aeshthetic tweet

"Thanks @jorgefioranelli for the wonderful workshop " @ckumareddy tweet

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"Thanks @jorgefioranelli for the awesome workshop at the NYC #fsharp lab hours. And thanks @JetTechnology for sponsoring." @pblasucci tweet

"Thanks to @jorgefioranelli for teaching and @Valtech for hosting an awesome F# workshop last Saturday in London, learned a lot." @pedromsantos tweet

"Thanks @jorgefioranelli and @Valtech for today's amazing F# workshop. See you soon!" @vgaltes tweet

"@DCFSharp with @jorgefioranelli running an awesome #fsharp workshop!" @trikace tweet

"DC F# Meetup - @jorgefioranelli 's F# Workshop - excellent intro to F#. Thanks!" @cnromaine tweet

"Thanks to @jorgefioranelli for teaching and @CoStarGroup for hosting a great F# workshop this weekend! Learning a bunch." @sjkilleen tweet

"Thanks @jorgefioranelli for awesome #fsharp workshop!" @grishace tweet

"Fantastic F# workshop today by @jorgefioranelli and @liammclennan - really clear, interesting, and enjoyable!" @harrietgl tweet

"A truly excellent #F#Workshop yesterday by @jorgefioranelli . Thank you!" @marcote_torres tweet

"Check out @jorgefioranelli's #fsharp workshop, one of the best workshops I've attended! http://www.fsharpworkshop.com" @fekberg tweet

"Seriously impressed at the quality and professionalism of the #readifyfsharpworkshop by @jorgefioranelli and @tobycmoore" @robdmoore tweet

"Can't praise @jorgefioranelli enough for the amazing outstanding preparation & delivery of his @readify #fsharp workshop tonight" @meligy tweet

Recommended Learning Material

Video: Functional Programming: What? Why? When? by Robert C. Martin

Video: 5 Reasons to Move from C# to F# by Jorge Fioranelli

Practice Online: Try F#

Book: Real-World Functional Programming by Tomas Petricek


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Copyright 2015 Jorge Fioranelli