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What is it?

It's a super light-weight AJAX wrapper for's wonderful database service.

Why did you build it?

I wanted a stupid-easy data store that I could use strictly from the client. No server needed! Write a thick front end application or app prototype.


Serve your app from http, cross domain calls FTW! Parse launched support for cross-origin resource sharing using CORS. This means you no longer have to generate a base64 encoded Basic Auth key using the provided You can now just pass your application id and rest key right to $.parse.init and

	app_id : undefined, // <-- enter your Application Id here 
	rest_key : undefined // <--enter your REST API Key here	

Prototyping love.

  • No Schema! Just fire a $ & forget it. If the collection hasn't been created already it will be instantiated.

  • Super simple... just $.parse.get/post/put/delete

More to come....

  • Backbone / Spine sync extension

TODO (josher19)

  • (DONE) Make a quick SQL to js-where-object converter. WHERE x BETWEEN "A" AND "B" => where={"x":{"$gte":"A", "$lte":"B"}}

  • Make an interactive tutorial based on

  • login & update user data. Consider adding X-Parse-Session-Token: to req.headers in _http()

  • Load data serially or in parallel.

  • Node.js