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Zleek - a clean, responsive theme for Anchor CMS
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Zleek v0.9

Zleek - a clean, responsive theme for Anchor CMS. See it in action here.

Zleek is now compatible with Anchor CMS 0.9!

Why Zleek iz zo zexy:

  • Shows your most recent post as your home page
  • Massive featured images for each post with one gorgeous default image
  • Archive page of all previous posts
  • Automatic "Tweet This" button included


  1. Download the theme from Github
  2. Copy the folder into your themes directory
  3. Create page titled Home
  4. Set Zleek as the Current Theme: on the Extend > Site Metadata menu in Anchor's admin
  5. Set Home Page: to Home
  6. Boom! You're done.


There are a few customizations I've made in order to get this bad boy up and running.

Featured Images

This theme comes with one large featured image per post. Should you fail to upload one, it will automatically default back to a pretty photo of some wood (SFW).

  1. Create a new Custom Field in the Extend > Custom Fields menu in Anchor's admin
  2. Fill in the form with the following:
    • Extend: post
    • Type: file
    • Unique Key: featured-image
    • Label: Featured Image
    • File Types: [blank]
  3. Upload featured images when editing a post
  4. Boom! You're done.


Since Anchor (for the moment) lacks any way to re-order menu items, some juggling is necessary to shift things around a bit. I prefer simple solutions, and just wanted the Home link to always be the left-most link in the nav. You'll find this function in your functions.php file. Anchor now has, by default, a "Show in Menu" option on all pages. Huzzah!

The Future

The response to Zleek has been amazing - I hope you all are enjoying it! I'm still wanting to add back in the commenting functionality and the search feature... when I find time. If you have any tips or questions, please post them in the issues section or submit a pull request. Or fork that trash and make your own template.


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