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YOURLS plugin to define conditions under which links will expire - time and click limited links


MASTER branch of this plugin works with YOURLS 1.7.10 +
There is a separate branch for 1.7.9

As any YOURLS plugin:

  • Extract the expiry folder from this repo, and place it at user/plugins/expiry
  • Enable in admin area
  • The databse ought to create itself, if not, there is an sql file in the expiry/assets folder, make sure to add your database prefix where necessary.
  • If upgrading from 2.1.x of this plugin to 2.2.x, set define( 'EXPIRY_DB_UPDATE', true ); in config.php for one page load in order to update the database, otherwise this plugin will not work.
What's Working:
  • add per-link and/or global time based or click count limited links
  • update links already in database to have expiration conditions
  • upon shorturl expiration:
    • delete from YOURLS
    • update short url's with an optional per link or global secondary URL
  • robust admin area features
    • optionally highlight expiry links in admin interface
    • seperate page to list all expiry links with details (time left, etc)
    • one-click management of expiry data, bulk or individual
    • admin page action link button
    • expiry data on admin page under share box
    • expiry functions in admin filtered by AuthMgrPlus, if installed
  • robust api interface (documentation provided)
    • add and update individual links with precise detail
    • manage database with a cron call (pre-formatted example provided)
      • prune expired links that haven't been visited in a while, etc.
    • get precise individual url expiry info
  • cli interface for pruning
  • add expiry data in various ways
    • via public interface (new url)
    • via regular admin new url form (new url)
    • via expiry page (old url)
      • directly or by way of admin area action link button


To use the cli prune options, execute the /PATH/TO/YOURLS/user/plugins/expiry/bin/ script with the appropriate permissions. This script requires a valid yourls signature, and accepts a scope option which can be any of the following:

option function
expired will prune off any expired links. default
scrub will remove expiry data from any links
killall will early expire any links with expiry data set

These options are the same as the api options.

example use:

$ php /PATH/TO/YOURLS/user/plugins/expiry/bin/ --signature=blah0blah1 --scope=expired

Look to the first lines in to adjust php memory and timeout limits for larger databases or Docker installations with limited memory. Disabled by default.


Uses code adapted from the Change Error Msgs plugin.


Dogecoin: DARhgg9q3HAWYZuN95DKnFonADrSWUimy3


YOURLS plugin to define conditions under which links will expire - time and click limited links







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