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A super-lightweight lightbox-esque jQuery plugin (with jQuery UI support)

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A super-lightweight lightbox-esque jQuery plugin (with jQuery UI support)


Facebox wasn’t carrying over my event bindings and was often times too heavy. The idea here is to keep it brain-dead simple.


It only supports inline content because that’s all I ever really need. This may eventually support images, but we’ll see. If it does, it won’t be for slideshows or anything complex; just a bigger version of whatever the user clicked on.

Ways and Means

It requires jQuery 1.3.2 due to jQuery’s awesome live function.

Complaints, Problems, or Ideas?

If there’s a problem, let me know. If it’s a feature request, most likely I won’t code for it unless I’ve actually needed it myself. If there’s a legitimate way to improve the library (whether it be a better write Javascript or a better usage of what jQuery has to offer), definitely let me know. I’m not really a Javascript hacker, so there are bound to be improvements just itching to get written.

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