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A pint-sized data shoveler for the modern txt-wrangler
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Pile o' Text

A pint-sized data shoveler for the modern txt-wrangler.


pot add|add-page|build


pot add my_cool_article.txt

pot add-page about.txt

pot build

Description other words, it's a minimal viable product, blog-centric static-site generator written as a self-contained Bash script, designed to be dropped into a folder containing text-files waiting to be published.

Everything needed to build a site -- templates, styles, images, configs, etc -- are contained within the script.


  • add Add a given text file to the articles index (.articles.csv). The publication date is when the article was added.
  • add-page Add a given text file to the pages index (.pages.csv). A page is an article without the publication date.
  • build Build articles, pages and index, and put them in the specified output folder.


cd <your text directory of choice>
cp <path to where you cloned the repo>/pot .


Pile o' Text is extremely simple, and thus will come with a slew of drawbacks:

  • Two or more of the same markup on the same line, like _em1_ _em2_ or *strong1* ... *strong2* will be incorrectly displayed. (sed only support greedy matches.)
  • You can't start a markup on one line and finish on another line.
  • Supports only a very limited version of markdown.


Johan Persson

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