grunt-init template for configuring web projects
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Neatly create a scaffold for your next web project using this grunt-init template. Watch a quick demo.

Tell Neat-Pages how you like to build your website and it will create a project configured with your chosen includes.
You can use Sass, LESS or plain-CSS editing and choose from includes like Bootstrap, Foundation 4, HTML5 Boilerplate, Bourbon and Neat.

Create a new project with grunt-init.


If you haven't already done so, install grunt-init:

npm install -g grunt-init

Once grunt-init is installed, place this template in your ~/.grunt-init/ directory. It's recommended that you use git to clone this template into that directory, as follows:

Linux/Mac Users

git clone ~/.grunt-init/neat-pages

Windows Users

git clone %USERPROFILE%/.grunt-init/neat-pages


At the command-line, cd into an empty directory, run this command and follow the prompts.

grunt-init neat-pages

Note that this template will generate files in the current directory, so be sure to change to a new directory first if you don't want to overwrite existing files.

Install the NPM modules required to actually process your newly-created project by running:

cd _build
npm install

Optionally enable Growl notifications by installing terminal-notifier with RubyGems:

gem install terminal-notifier

Note: Depending on your Ruby setup you may need to use sudo gem install terminal-notifier.

Grunt Tasks

Run this first to fetch dependencies and pre-process and concanetate JavaScript and CSS.

grunt build

Pre-process CSS & JavaScript, then watch files for changes.