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Five Hacks for Twenty Seventeen


This is an unfinished child theme intended to be used by developers and WordPress development students. It is a not a production-ready finished product. It is offered without any guarantee that it is bug-free or suitable for use by non-technical users.

A WordPress Child Theme for Twenty Seventeen

This is a child theme that adds the following features to Twenty Seventeen:

  • One-page navigation between front page sections.
  • Support for custom sidebars for each front page section.
  • Full-height featured image headers for posts and pages.

How to Use

Go to the Releases page and download the latest release.

Log into your WordPress site, make sure Twenty Seventeen is already installed, and go to Appearance > Themes. Click Add New and then Upload Theme. Use the Choose File interface to locate and upload the child theme.

Next go to Appearance > Themes and activate the child theme: Five Hacks for Twenty Seventeen.

For access to all features, also install the following plugins:

To learn how to use all features, including how to add custom sidebars to each front page section and how to build the front page menu, read the tutorial published at the WPMU DEV blog.

Known Issues

  • Recent Posts widget cannot be used in front page section sidebar. Adding it causes the section where it was added to display the homepage content rather than the page content.