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Ruby PHP Serializer

This module provides two methods: PHP.serialize and PHP.unserialize, both of which should be compatible with the similarly named functions in PHP.


In your Gemfile:

gem "php-serialize"


PHP.serialize({'foo' => 'bar'})               #=> "a:1:{s:3:\"foo\";s:3:\"bar\";}"
PHP.unserialize('a:1:{s:3:"foo";s:3:"bar";}') #=> {"foo"=>"bar"}

PHP.unserialize can also read PHP sessions, which are collections of named serialized objects. These can be reserialized using PHP.serialize_session, which has the same semantics as PHP.serialize, but which only supports Hash and associative Arrays for the root object.

See and for details on the PHP side of all this.


  • TJ Vanderpoel, initial PHP serialized session support.
  • Philip Hallstrom, fix for self-generated Structs on unserialization.
  • Edward Speyer, fix for assoc serialization in nested structures.

Author: Thomas Hurst,