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Possible bug in prop() documentation, regarding statement about checkbox state and attr() #288

jwatkin opened this Issue · 2 comments

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On this page:

this line of text seems wrong:

"$(elem).attr("checked") (1.6.1+) "checked" (String) Will change with checkbox state"

shouldn't this read, "Initial state of the checkbox; does not change" instead?

The Example just below it seems to support my opinion.



Indeed, there are two parts in direct contradiction:

' $(elem).attr("checked") (1.6.1+) "checked" (String) Will change with checkbox state'

'The checked attribute value does not change with the state of the checkbox'

The top one is correct in 1.8.3. Specifically, it switches between the string "checked" and undefined, depending on whether it's checked.


Thanks! Yes, that needs to be corrected. It was changed to the correct behavior in 1.9/2.0.

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