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gnarf commented Sep 20, 2012 @jzaefferer
jsbin accepts content via paremters. From @remy

Obviously you can put all the markup in the HTML tab, and you can force focus only to the HTML tab using the following:

You just have to escape all the markup and new lines, etc to get it to work as a get.

If this doesn't suffice, I could upgrade JS Bin to accept postMessage messages to modify the editor panel - but I think the above should be the start point.

Adding (generated) links to all demos to open the demo code on jsbin, preferably with dependencies as loaded from CDNs, would allow visitors to test out the code without having to manually copy&paste around.

Could we just author the demos on jsbin and save them / load them in the iframe?


scottgonzalez commented Sep 20, 2012

I really don't like the idea of having a major part of our site dependent on a third party service. Especially when it means that syncing resources will be a pain as our code will be scattered.

I also don't want to put any work in to our demo system until we figure out what we're doing for the new demo system. We know for a fact that what we have today is going away.

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